Northern Nevada 

Australian Shepherd Club

Throughout the year we host Trials, Demos and FUN Activities for every Breed!




   ASCA Sanctioned:

   Agility Trials, Herding Trials,        Rally & Obedience Trials and        Conformation Shows


Workshops & Community Demos




Activities Include:
  ** ASCA sanctioned agility trials
  ** ASCA sanctioned Farm & Stockdog trials
  ** ASCA sanctioned Conformation Shows
  ** ASCA sanctioned Obedience & Rally trials
  ** CPE sanctioned agility trials through  Quicksilver Agility Club
  ** Agility demonstrations
  ** Fun/practice days at local area parks/homes
  ** All levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  ** Charitable events
  ** Resources and friendships
See the Calendar on the right, and come by and see us at any event … Check in at the registration table and we will be happy to answer any questions and introduce you to other club members!

May ASCA Agility results 


May 10-12, 2019



High in Trial Veteran Dog:

     "Kelly" Aussie handled by Ken Perlmutter 94.5 pts

(Kelly achieved an astounding 18 out of 18 Q's!)

High in Trial Elite-Standard Dog:

"Rocket" Aussie handled by Nancy Graczyk 80.5 pts

High in Trial Open-Standard Dog:

"Scout" Aussie handled by Lisa Thane 74 pts

High in Trial Novice-Standard Dog:

"Kiki"Aussie handled by Todd Butler 32.5 pts

High in Trial ACE Dog:

"Calli" Aussie handled by Linda Groesbeck 52.5 pts

Congratulations on the new ATCH: 

                "Slyder" Aussie handled by Scott Lovelis

June CPE   


June 14-16, 2019


Congratulations on the new C-ATCH: 

"Lucy" Aussie handled by Joanne Gritz

August CPE   


August 23-25, 2019

Congratulations on the new C-ATCH: 

"Coal" Aussie handled by Carrie Dempsey

You're never too old to enjoy the great outdoors! 

"Pecos" at 15 years young - Blue Lakes CA

Calendar of Events


If you are new or thinking of joining the club, feel free to join us at any of the scheduled events for an

up-close look or guidance on how to get started.  



(Updated 4/26/2020)

Sierra Shadows Farm  & Stockdog Trials

Rescheduled to

May 29-31, 2020


ASCA Sanctioned 

Judges:  Joan Carrillo & Marie Nagano


See our ad in the 2020 January/February   Aussie Times

Updated May Premiums below

Stockdog flyer

Farm Trial flyer

Farm Trial Map-AM mixed

Farm Trial Directions-AM

Farm Trial Map-PM sheep

Farm Trial Directions-PM


High Sierra Summer Classic Agility Trial


Postponed until


further notice

Six runs each day

2 each Regular, Gamblers & Jumpers

Judge:  Roger Coor

Agility Premium


High Sierra Indian Summer    Classic

Agility Trial


September 18-20, 2020


Six runs each day

2 each Regular, Gamblers & Jumpers

Judge: Richard Pittman

Agility Premium

For more information contact :

Carrie Dempsey at


Quicksilver Agility Club

Upcoming CPE Trials

June 12-14, 2020

Judge: Ken Perlmutter

Agility Premium


August 21-23, 2020

Judge: Anna Potter

Premium coming later



Pawsitive Traction Demo Team

Upcoming  Demos:

October  4, 2020-Smith Valley Days


 Northern Nevada &

Other Area Events & Clubs:

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NADAC Agility trials and all-breed

fun days


Peninsula ASC


Ready2Run NADAC agility club 


Truckee Meadows Dog Training Club has a wide variety of classes/training/

AKC shows & trials 


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Working ASC of Northern Nevada 

NNASC  2020 Events:

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