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Everyone is welcome to join our club!

You don't need to own an Aussie to join Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club (NNASC); the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA), of which we're an affiliate, sanctions agility trials, tracking events, herding, rally, and obedience trials in which any dog, including mixed breeds, can compete and earn titles. If you do have an Aussie and it isn't registered with ASCA, you can still have a service membership and your dog can be issued a tracking number from ASCA to have a record of your dog's performances.  The tracking number form is available on the ASCA forms web page, which we have a link. While NNASC does sanction several agility trials, conformation shows, rally, and obedience trials in northern Nevada, our club's emphasis is not on showing. 


Our membership is comprised of people who like to do a wide variety of fun things with their dogs, including: hiking, practical obedience training, and just relaxing with their favorite couch potatoes.  The club usually meets on a quarterly basis. An effort is made to schedule meetings [link to calendar] between Reno, Carson City, and Minden, so that members do not always have to drive a long distance. During the summer, we sometimes have meetings on Saturdays, combined with agility, and/or obedience run-throughs.  You are welcome to attend any of our meetings or events to check-out the club.  See our calendar for events and/or meeting dates.


Thank you for your interest in the Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club. We would very much appreciate your membership, and know that you and your dog(s) are going to have a lot of fun with us!



In 1991 the Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club (NNASC) became an affiliate of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA).  We're a group of people who greatly admire the Australian Shepherd for its intelligence, beauty and sense of fun. 


ASCA sanctions performance events for all breeds, including mixed, our agility, obedience, rally, and herding trials are open to ANY and ALL breeds of dogs.  Only our conformation shows are strictly for Australian Shepherds, although Junior Handlers may show any breed of dog, including mixed, in their classes, which are judged strictly on handling skills and not the conformation of the dog.  


The wide variety of events we hold, and the fact that we welcome all breeds, contributes to the diversity of our club membership.  


What will you find if you join our club?  

If you enjoy agility, herding, obedience or rally, we have annual trials for all four, as well as fun matches, seminars and instructors who are members of our club.  These are opportunities for you to train your dog just to be more obedient, or to become quite proficient and compete.  Maybe you just want to make some new friends who also love dogs, go on walks, enjoy holiday parties and picnics, and perhaps learn more about the Aussie (grooming, healthcare, etc.).   Our monthly meetings are always pleasant opportunities to potluck, plan events and exchange stories about our "furkids."  The Northern Nevada Australian Shepherd Club is also a non-profit, philanthropic organization. In the past, we've provided Kuranda beds to local shelters, and donated to the Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute (ASHGI), as well as other causes.  If you join our club, your efforts will benefit those less fortunate. 


Click here for our membership application and take a look at our calendar for our next meeting or event.  


You are most welcome to drop in any time!!!  




Club Contact Email:


President: Denise Terry

Vice President:  Doug Taylor

Secretary: Thea Tsurumoto

Treasurer: Carrie Dempsey

Board Members:  Linda Groesbeck, Cathy Philipp, Jim McGinley



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